Okay I admit I have an obsession or maybe an addiction.  I collect spatulas.  (Rubber Scrapers if your name is Martha, as in Martha Stewart)  There I said it.  Some people consider that kooky.  Not me, I consider it practical.  I could use 3-4 different spatulas while mixing one batch of muffins, bread, or cake.  It just depends. So how many cars can you drive at one time?  And how many coins can you use to stir up a luscious double chocolate zucchini bread batter?  Yeah, thats what I thought.  Well to each his own.  I enjoy my colorful kooky collection and look forward to adding to it and weeding out my most used spatulas (Rubber Scrapers) as I go along.

My Spatulas
My Collection
They really do have different uses based on their shapes. Honestly. Trust me.

Different Strokes for different tasks!


These spatulas above (rubber scrapers) all have different uses.  The small green one is great for small jars!  My bunny one is a great one for scraping down a mixer bowl of creamed butter and sugar and bonus- it looks cute!  The orange one scrapes out a jar of spaghetti sauce and does not stain.  The red one is a great one for scooping out my loose leaf tea to place in my tea ball!  

The grouping below is also unique.  The pink one is a heavy duty Kitchen Aid brand with a substantial handle that can make it through the dishwasher.  The white one is great for straining.  The red one is a great 1/2 size spatula that spreads chocolate wonderfully on just about anything including the tongue!  Did I say that outloud?

So maybe you should start collecting spatulas-they are cheaper than coins, cars and more practical.  Not sure they will appreciate in a value but you WILL use them everytime you are in the kitchen and you WILL appreciate them. :) 

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