Old Family Photos.  Emphasis on Old.

Old Family Photos. Emphasis on Old.

I have taken to working within www.ancestry.com  to build our family tree.  Have you seen that website?  It is fantastic!  You can upload pictures, research literally 1000’s of sources like census data, birth and death records and other family trees that members have made public.  If you like history and a little bit of sleuthing you might want to give it a shot!

I am wanting to upload some pictures to our tree, so I was cruising around in my hard drive and found some neat ones.  Just thought I would share!  Old photos seem so expressive to me and at the same time so mysterious.

Well, this photo may not be that mysterious as someone decided to write across the bottom, “Farmer John” !   ‘Ole Farmer John looks pretty good in those overalls.  Wonder what’s in the bucket???

This is four generations standing together and they look pretty thrilled, don’t they? The little girl in the center is my mom and heavens to Betsy would someone put some leggings on her and her sister?!  Grandma so and so (I have no idea who these people are yet!) has quite the fur collar!  What season is it? I’m confused?!

My mom and one of her sisters posing in front of a dust-bowl of a field with a unknown lady.  Wonder what the older lady is saying? Maybe “Happy Birthday!”? as my mom’s sister is wearing a party hat!  Looking at the size of these girls I would say this is around 1936-1938, and it would be late October, if that indeed is a birthday party hat.

My mom and some relatives cooking or taking a break in the kitchen.  Wonder what they made? And how much would we pay at an antique store today for those milk bottles?!  Look at that McCormick’s black pepper can!  Is that a pie crust laying on the table? 

Mom and her relatives sporting some mighty fine aprons and smiles!!  They must be done with the dishes, because I smile that way when I’m either eating chocolate or I’m done with the dishes.  On second thought I see a sack of potatoes next to that pot, I don’t think they have even started cooking yet!

Thanks for indulging my non-cooking post.  I needed a break and it was either this or the treadmill! I chose wisely.

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