What I Aspired to Make this Memorial Day Weekend

What I Aspired to Make this Memorial Day Weekend

What sort of wonderful desserts did you make this Memorial Day weekend?

I had all sorts of plans swirling around my head-none of which included  painting, or  cleaning up weeds!  Oh well, life takes turns and sometimes they lead to better places.

I wanted to make one of these;

Flag Cake on the Food Network.

or maybe one of these-wouldn’t this just knock the socks off your family and friends?…..until they realized their lips will turn blue from the blue cake and frosting!  I hate that!!


or how about this?!  How fabulous would this be at the end of a bbq?


I didnt even make these Martha Stewart creations;

Aren’t these cookies gorgeous?  Who has the time?

Besides it was 90+ degrees this past weekend and I wasn’t about to turn on the oven!

So instead I just made this:

Sorry about the cruddy photo, I took it with my cellphone quickly- before we ate them!  And the pan was hot and I burned my finger.

All I did was take a pre-made pie crust, cut it into rounds (I used a paper muffin liner as a template) and placed them in the muffin cups.

One pie crust made 6.  I then placed the muffin cup pan directly on my gas grill-it was approximately 400 degrees.-they took about 10 minutes to brown.

I made berry/rhubarb filling on the stove and kept it warm.  You could very easily go completely lazy and use a can of pie filling! I scooped a little filling in each crust cup.

No oven required.  Done. Easy. Lazy woman’s quick dessert. I didn’t have time to decorate cookies, make a two toned layer cake or line berries and pipe frosting….I was too busy enjoying the weekend!  Hope you were too!

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