Red White and Blue Shortcake

Red White and Blue Shortcake

It’s blueberry season! And for that matter its berry season in general!  Yeahhhhhh my favorite time of the summer!

I bought 10# of fresh blueberries and had to made something out of them.  The trouble was that I was alone at home and I didn’t want a big batch of anything sitting around. Like a big blueberry pie, a cobbler, a blueberry coffeecake or even scones.   I can’t be trusted.  (No preaching about will power to me allowed.  I will join a 12 step program when I feel like it!)  I digress….

I remembered that I had some frozen unbaked shortcakes in the freezer.  I also had some frozen blackberries and raspberries-Score!

I baked one shortcake biscuit off, soaked a combination of berries in some sugar and a little bit of orange juice ( I like the combination of citrus and berries) and tried to make my own whipped cream in a jar too!

I had some heavy whipping cream in the fridge, so I thought I would try making my own whipped cream by shaking it to death in a mason jar.

After about 15 minutes of violent shaking (I was getting a little frustrated but kept a smile on my face) and a great arm workout, I had very very thick whipped cream.  I kept shaking and finally had a creamy, but not fluffy, cream for my shortcake.

I set the cream aside in the fridge as I waited for my shortcake to finish.  When it came time to place the cream on top- I didn’t shake it enough again, so you will see it looks a little thin.  Does it affect the flavor?  No way!  It all tasted great!! It was warm, slightly sweet and Red, White and Blue!

This would make a great easy dessert to have for the Fourth of July.  Make your shortcakes out of your favorite biscuit dough and if you want them a little sweeter, which I do, add more sugar to the dough and brush them with butter prior to baking and sprinkle with a little sugar on top.  This is the biscuit recipe I always use and if you dont have buttermilk use heavy cream.

I put my red plate in the middle of a vintage pie pan!  I treat myself right! :)

What kind of dessert are you making for the 4th of July?

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