Need Some Quick Signage? Sure You Do!

Need Some Quick Signage? Sure You Do!

On one of our flea market expeditions this past year my friend Ed purchased some proofing pans.  They were professional pans that some Bakery didnt need anymore.  Ed got them home and discovered they didnt fit in his oven. Oops.  He gave them to me to play with!  I decided to  paint them up with chalkboard paint and turn them into signage for the Estate sales we are helping a good friend with.

This is so easy to do, and if you’re like me, you will start searching for things in your house to smear with chalkboard paint!

First you have to clean your pans off from any dust, debris or anything basically that will show up as bumps under the paint.  Tape off any parts you do not want to paint. Now prime the metal with the primer!  I used a foam roller for both the primer and the chalkboard paint and they both  went on smoothly.

One pan already painted!  I used 2 coats of the chalkboard paint.

Three hours after your last coat you are ready to write on it.  You could even attach hangers on the back and hang up!

Have you used chalkboard paint for anything lately?

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