Christmas Crack?  Who Knew How Easy and Good it Was?!

Christmas Crack? Who Knew How Easy and Good it Was?!

I’m a day late and a dollar short on the “Christmas Crack” stuff.  This is the first year I have tried making the stuff.   I am sure if you follow Pinterest or other food blogs you have been exposed to the wonderful pictures of this addictive candy treat and have probably been making or eating the stuff for years.  This delightful candy treat has apparently been around for years….where have I been?!  More imporatantly, why has nobody shared this recipe with me?  I feel cheated, I won’t hold grudges though, I promise! :)

This recipe Sweet and Saltines on the Food Network. is now firmly planted in my recipe box and I have officially made this 3 times this season already.  Come January 2013 I will ring in the new year with the butt the size of Texas to prove it! haha

Why toil away on some pretentious sweet like Rosemary and lavender tea cookies when you can make a down home classic like this?  Also known as “Christmas Crack” or “Hillbilly Toffee” or “Poor mans Toffee”!    You could call it cat turds on ice and I would still eat this stuff –it is awesome!!

More importantly this is awesomely EASY!

Of course I didn’t make this recipe up…after seeing it on Pinterest I clicked here and there and retreated to my Ipad to the Food Network app and found out that Tricia Yearwood has a recipe with great reviews.  It’s all about the reviews right?!

Here’s the recipe  and have fun with it !  I sprinkled sliced almonds on mine last time and now I used walnuts.  This is where your individuality comes out-so let it!

I also read on another site a lady keeps hers in the freezer after she breaks it up and then bags it for gifting.   I kept mine in the fridge and it did just fine.  My daughter and her boyfriend devoured it and now I have some tucked away in a jar for my son and his girlfriend.  Doesn’t it make a gorgeous gift?!

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