Greenery in Vintage Containers

Greenery in Vintage Containers

Had to get rid of the bleak midwinter’s blues.  Made a stop at a local nursery that was chock full of mini terrarium plants.  In case you have been not noticed, terrariums are all the rage right now, not sure if it is because we are stuck in the middle of the grey winter or just because of Pinterest…but they are pretty popular right now.  All you have to do is type in “Terrarium” into Pinterest search bar and you will suddenly be inspired!  Heres a few examples:

Source: via Charles on Pinterest

However, instead of going to all the work of a terrarium-yes I am that lazy, I just purchased some of the mini plants and plunked them into some vintage silver and silverplate containers that have.


I dont know about you but just having some greenery around brightens things up!


If I can get my lazy butt in gear I just might move on to making a terrarium!  More on that later…maybe way later! :)

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