Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!-  Vintage Ones of Course!

Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!- Vintage Ones of Course!

My good friend Ed has graciously decided to share his love of everything vintage and his love of rabbits in one post today…I hope you feel as lucky about that as I do! -read on and enjoy! ~Muna

Rabbits are among the most beloved animals right behind dogs and cats in American culture.   And what Easter celebration is complete without a Bunny on hand to bring everyone candy and dyed eggs?  As a child, Easter was my favorite Holiday, even more exciting to me than Christmas (I guess I was a weird child, huh?).  The Easter bunny would win a showdown against Santa Claus any day of the week for me; since that time I have not lost my affection for rabbits and have been collecting them for many years.

Collecting rabbits, vintage or new offers a vast array of possibilities in every price range from just a dollar or two for an antique post card to many thousands of dollars for fine oil paintings or expensive pieces of jewelry made of gold and precious stones.  Many rabbits are available to reflect the popularity of rabbits associated with the Easter holiday.   I love variety of post cards that combine rabbits, chickens and eggs.  Easter postcards offer an endless variety of rabbits in every form and pose and are fun to have on hand to decorate your dinner table on Easter Sunday.


The Victorians loved all things natural and rabbits found their way into many everyday items made of pottery, glass and metal.  The two small metal trays shown are “pin” trays or dresser dishes that would have been in high style in the late nineteenth century to hold small personal items.  The trays charmingly depict a very lifelike rabbit complete with four leaf clover for good luck and were made by Bradley and Hubbard an early manufacturer of decorative metals.  These are hard to find and a matched pair is very rare.

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The glass rabbit (along with a renegade glass chicken) are candy containers from a long ago 1940’s Easter.  Glass candy containers shaped like rabbits were popular from the early 1900’s through the 1950’s.  An entire collection of rabbits can be collected just in this form and are a fun Easter centerpiece.

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Rabbit figures of chalk or plaster (the trio shown) were popular accompaniments to candy in Easter baskets 50-100 years ago.  Many were saved and used again and again, Moms were thrifty back then!  Today they can be found with a little searching and are fun to once again include in a 21st century Easter basket.

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Rabbits of all sorts add fun and warmth to any home décor and can be found in any budget range.  Easter is around the corner, add a bunny or two to your household for the big day soon!


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