Some of My Favorite Etsy Things

Some of My Favorite Etsy Things

Life and work has been crazy lately and have left me with no time for baking.  boooooo!!

However, I have made time every now and then to make sure I have some of the other essentials of life, priorities, priorities..

Aside from cooking and baking from scratch one of my other obsessions (if you really want to call it that) is to cruise Etsy to see what sorts of things are being sold on there!  People are so creative it is absolutely amazing and frankly stunning sometimes! If you are looking for a unique gift item start on that website.  The items are unique, the photography is almost always gorgeous, and the prices are great.

I have a shop on Etsy but not because of my own creativity, that is not in my genes.  I don’t make anything, I sell vintage items and have a lot of fun doing so!  Shameless plug coming up so if that offends you skip down to next paragraph!  That is the web address to my very own Etsy store and I have fun stocking it with items I find at flea markets and estate sales.  That is three quarters of the fun!

Anyway, while cruising Etsy, I stumbled upon this store; Simplicity Cosmetics   and bought some eye shadow and lip balm and instantly fell in love!  This store has quality stuff that directly competes with the “big dogs”

simplicity eyeshadow

I paid half the price of department store brands and am more than happy!  Her lip balms are just awesome! I carry one on me at all times-I  just love it!  They are slightly tinted, and full of moisture and as a bonus they are vegan.


I also decided to go more organic and natural with my shampoo and decided to give this a try:  a Vegan Orange Lavender Shampoo Bar from Aquarian Bath Etsy Shop.  I have not regretted this change. I love this hair bar and never thought I would dump my expensive salon brand shampoo for this, but I have.  I highly recommend you buying one of these and giving it a try.   It lasts forever, smells great and lathers up terrifically.

hair bar

Another item I have decided to go with using is Wool Dryer Balls from Devons Creative Designs instead of dryer sheets for my clothes and I have not turned back!  I love the fact that I can choose my own scent using essential oils and that this is better for my clothes and my skin!  Have you even heard of these?  I challenge you to make the switch!  They fluff up your clothes in the dryer while emitting the scent of your choice onto your clothes.  I add a couple of drops of lavender oil onto my dryer balls makes my clothes smell so good without gumming them up with chemical stuff.


That’s what I have sort of been up to!  I hope you will visit Etsy and support the small business person.  You are sure to find some unique gift items and I promise you will be amazed at the creativity of people!
Let me know what you think!

By the way these store owners do not know me from beans….I was not paid to mention them or their stores, I am just a happy, happy consumer sharing my happiness.

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