Daughters Kitchen Table Search = style clash

Daughters Kitchen Table Search = style clash

Nope this isn’t a recipe.  I have been consumed lately by assisting my daughter, Rebecca, in re-doing one of our rental properties for her to move into this coming fall.  She has done most of the work, I am mostly moral support, design consultant (yeah right!) and the transportation.  She has a car, I just love driving her around because we have some of our best conversations in the car.   Parents take note- the car has been the best place to converse with my kids, even more so than the dinner table.  Maybe it is because we live about 20 minutes away from anything, so I have at least 20 minutes of semi undivided attention as long as I control the radio volume.

Anyway…..Rebecca has secured a sofa and a loveseat from an old friend for a great price, and now her focus is the kitchen.  She needs a tiny tiny kitchen table, but her one requirement; “it cant look janky!” What does that even mean!? Not sure. But I think it means that she doesn’t want a vintage table and that she would be perfectly fine finding a bargain at Target or Pottery Barn.  Oh the horror!  I’m joking……maybe.

Being that I love to rummage, go junkin’ and look for bargains I came across several great pieces.  Mind you some of these are just way too big for her place, but to my amazement she didn’t like any of them!! Not one of them!!??  What’s her problem and why can’t I force her to like these?  I guess she really is her own person……what I raised her to be!

Anyway, I’ll share with you and maybe you’ll appreciate these options-see below.  My personal favorite is the yellow one- Love it!!  I even love the pyrex bowls on top!


The set above could easily be my personal favorite as well…..this would be like being at a diner every night-plus I love the color!

It was rather expensive and out of her price range  :(


My personal favorite! it came with the restored/painted chairs in a light yellow too!  Pyrex bowls not included, however those would make a great addition to a first kitchen, right?  Who doesn’t need a complete set of vintage Pyrex mixing bowls?


this table was way too large, but someone did a great job updating it by painting the legs and top in black and then distressing it.


this table had a bead board door as a table top- very cool idea!  This one was way too long for her space!  Wouldn’t this table look fabulous on a large covered porch?

So needless to say the search continues!!  I may keep you updated.

Hopefully I will have time to bake again!


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