Strawberry Cucumber Limeade My version of PF Changs

Strawberry Cucumber Limeade My version of PF Changs

I went to PF Changs a couple of weeks ago with my daughter for lunch and instead of my usual beverages; water and coffee and more coffee, we decided to both try this odd (I play it pretty safe in the beverage department) summer beverage they were promoting; Strawberry cucumber limeade!!

Boy was it amazing!  I came right home and tried to duplicate it and I think I sorta did!

I made a simple syrup  (2 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar dissolved over low heat) and then I added the juice of about 6 limes,- cooled that to room temperature.



I then muddled some nice looking strawberries, (make sure they are really ripe and the juicier the better)  and added some cucumber strips as well.  I used an English cucumber and cut very thin strips using my vegetable peeler steering clear of any seeds.  I also muddled the cucumbers.  Muddled actually means “beat up”. So really I just banged them in with a wooden spoon a bit, just don’t turn everything into a puree.

Here is the lime syrup with the fruit.  I pour about 1/4 cup of syrup and fruit over ice and add sparkling water to taste.  PF Changs does not use the sparkling water if I remember right but I am on a sparkling water kick right now-totally into LaCroix brand.  But I don’t think that makes me a fussy person-it has been on sale at Target!


This is a refreshing non alcoholic drink and the kids would probably like it…..maybe……If not there is more for you. And it is better than anything prepackaged!

I love how the fruit floats in your glass and looks pretty!

I might try making with other fruits!  We’ll see.  Cheers and let me know if you make this or your own version.


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