I am Muna, a housewife and mother who has wanted to work with food since I was a teenager.  I have always been fascinated with cooking, but mostly baking.  I would make treats after getting home from school as a pre-teen so my mother and I could have some sweet treat with dinner.   Usually this was a brownie mix because time was of the essence!  Sometimes it was just strawberries and cool-whip!   In the summer I would venture through my moms cookbooks and try to find something I could make with the ingredients she had in the kitchen.  One of her prized cookbooks was “The Joy of Cooking” and one summer day I was so bored I decided to make homemade croissants from that cookbook.   I remember calling her at work to tell her what I was doing.  She kind of giggled but I could tell she was proud.  I spent all day making the dough, spreading the butter, folding the dough, spreading more butter…….  And VOILA!  In the end I had what I remember to be fantastic croissants.  They were not five star Michelin restaurant quality and they could have been hard as rocks, but I dont think so.  I distinctly remember the flaky buttery dough.  I was proud of myself and my mom was greatly surprised.  That was the beginning of my obsession with cooking that has become a lifelong hobby.  I hope that my blog reflects my love of baking and cooking and through my amateur photography attempts I hope I can show you the end results of some of these recipes.   Enjoy and know that everything is baked with love as the main ingredient!


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