For the Love of Aprons

For the Love of Aprons

Aprons;  they are so cute and practical!  Are they making a comeback or are they just a thing of the past? In some ways yes….and in others no.  I see homemade ones becoming popular at local craft shows and in some shops around town.   Some styles seem to remain definitely in the past-like the full smock type ones- the only folks I see wearing those have grey hair….maybe I need to get out more?


Do you wear an apron in the kitchen?  I tend to wear one (usually vintage) in the kitchen around the holidays when the baking and cooking gets heavy and I can get real messy!

However, for daily cooking, I don’t wear one.  Maybe, I don’t prize my clothes that much?  Maybe I should be more worried about getting grease stains on my favorite Old Navy tee shirts? Hmmm I think perhaps Aprons ARE a thing of the past…..

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Perhaps we have too many clothes today and don’t feel the need to “protect” them as much as our fore-“mothers” did?   They had to protect that dress because they only had 5 of them in their closet or they were wearing their Sunday best while frying chicken and making gravy!  Nowadays we are just zapping things in the microwave where the butter and grease can explode in a closed container and our clothes have no worries…is that is what is going on in the kitchen?


Many times I change clothes prior to cooking…or even eating for that matter, but that is a different story.

I will say that I am surprised at the number of Aprons I have sold on my Etsy store, so SOMEONE out there is wearing aprons!!  Or maybe they are using them for décor?

I have seen aprons used as décor to add a vintage look to your kitchen or event by tying them on the backs of chairs and tucking a flower or place card in the pocket…..very cute and a great repurposing idea!

IMG_6519 IMG_5762 IMG_5758 IMG_5402

My mom almost always wore an apron in the kitchen…..I think it was a habit for her…sort of a putting on of the kitchen uniform and getting ready for “business”  ha ha

I hope they make a comeback! they are sort of classy….


My Mom (2nd from the left) and her sisters and sister-in law all wearing aprons (and dresses!) working in the kitchen.  Love this picture!

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