Brownie Love

Brownie Love

For the love of brownies! My daughter loves brownies so I just had to make some for her to take back to campus after her quick visit this weekend. She was home for her Army Reserve Drill weekend and she always looks forward to some homemade food and goodies.  Well, in our family nothing says Love more than chocolate; especially where she and I are concerned.

I used my brownie recipe , (   ) baked them in some pretty cake papers, crumbled up some Girl Scout thin mint cookies (they are dangerous just hanging around!-not the scouts, the cookies) on top along with some Valentine themed non pareils, and voila- a pretty nice gift! 

Chopped up thin mint cookies

I love these pans!  I ordered them on but I have also seen them at Sur la Table.

My recipe made 5 of these pretty pans filled about 2/3rds full.   Before baking I sprinkled the cookie crumbs and the pretty little pink, red and white nonpareils on top.  I think they turned out good!  Oh I almost forgot-I also mixed in some Semi Sweet chocolate chips into the batter too-geesh, how could I forget that?

I also made some mini brownie bites on Saturday in my Wilton Brownie Bite pan I got for Christmas.  Have you seen these pans?  They make some really cute sized brownies and I can’t wait to see what else I can bake in them!   If you have one of these or another silicon type pan, I recommend spraying them with a nonstick spray and cooling completely before trying to remove your brownies.  The mini brownies popped right out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Spread the Brownie Love!!

What is your favorite Sweet Treat to give and get?

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