I try to organize when I’m not cooking

I try to organize when I’m not cooking

I haven’t been baking much, life has been crazy lately with the end of school and with my work schedule.  However, I did manage to do a little bit of organization to make things, I feel, visually appealing.  I think I am about 2 years behind the trendsetters on this, but Martha Stewart strikes again and made this so easy by providing stickers.  How could I resist? I didn’t have to drag out paint or paint brushes!

I had these jars just sitting empty-not sure why I never filled them?  But I think you can get these at Wal-Mart and Target.

I decided to use one for Sugar and one for Brown Sugar to replace the green jars behind them.  Since they are see through I will always know how much I have or don’t have at any given time.

I found these stickers at Staples.  Martha has her name on just about everything, right?  Well, I guess she’s managed to leave peanut butter alone.

Yes, I am blessed with plenty of outlets in my kitchen, but not the best handwriting.

The flour container stores almost 3-5# bags and each jar filled with sugar has about 7# in it.

I found this little scoop at an antique store and I love the curved handle!  I store it on top of the granulated sugar jar.

This was the easiest craft I have ever followed through on!  What do you store your staples in?   Alright, time to figure out what I can make with all this sugar!

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