I Dream of Farmer’s Markets and in color too!

I Dream of Farmer’s Markets and in color too!

I love Farmer’s markets- always have and always will.  Not sure when this love fest started, I was probably too young to start loving this sort of thing but I’m weird.   I have our local farmer’s market opening day marked on my calendar and I have tried to visit it weekly when I can for years now.  When my kids were younger we started our Saturday mornings visiting the market and treating them to fresh made scones while I shoved eggplant and zucchini in my bags like they were going out of style.  As the kids got older and thought this Saturday morning adventure was just stupid, my daughter always made sure that I knew to get her a blueberry scone from her favorite vendor so she would have something worth waking up for on Saturday.  No problem!

I work at a University and they just announced that they are moving one of the local Farmers markets to the center of campus one day each week from May-October and I freaked!  When the news was announced my good friend and co-worker; Ed and I acted like we had won the lottery.  We’re both weirdos.  We suddenly were planning how to cart and where to store all of our purchased produce, cheese and jams back to the office after an afternoon of shopping.  Oh the dilemma-I am sure we will figure it out, we’re pretty smart people.  If we cant come up with a plan we will just have to leave work early on Farmer’s market day.

I even like to visit farmer’s markets in towns when we travel.  They say a lot about the culture and people that they serve.  The most recent one out of state I have visitied was in Miami last summer- gorgeous avacados, mangoes and spices!! They were selling the biggest avacados that were perfectly ripe for .25/ea!!  Mangoes too!! The guy didnt want to haul them home and the market was closing up for the day.  Score!  I was wishing I lived in Miami that day!  Unfortunately I didnt have a camera on me at that market.  But some of my most favorite pictures I have from our European summer trip back in ’08 are from Farmer’s markets- I hope you enjoy! (just for the record I love the pictures of my family in Europe too!)

These photos were taken from Nice, France a gorgeous place with a beautiful market area that was among cafes and boutiques, perfect for strolling!  Look at the marzipan pigs and bananas- are they not the most adorable edible things ever?!  The glaceed fruits were magnificent!  I wanted 10# of everything!

I am sure he is asking me if I really want 10 kilos of the marzipan pigs, in French of course!

Really Madame?! that many piggies????

These photos are from Barcelona Spain and their lovely La Boqueria Market-it is open daily and is just fabulous!  Bulk candy, spices, meats, seafoods and all kinds of produce!  You could go their daily and plan the best meals!  Did you catch the huge meringues and the lovely chocolate bark cut in perfect circles with dried fruits and nuts arranged on top? Of course you did!!  Does life get any better?

These pictures are from Campo di Fiori, in Rome Italy. It was like finding a hidden gem among centuries old buildings that surrounded this market.  Not many tourists browsing through when we were there, just locals who looked like they were planning their next meal.  I saw the lady with the headscarf smack someones hands who touched her bananas!  I wonder what they did?!  I quickly snapped a picture of her and ran away.  We bought some yummy olive oil for home and some cheese to snack on at this market!

I can’t wait till our local farmer’s market!  Do you have a favorite farmer’s market? I sure hope so!

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